Broods: Wearables and Visuals


This project was a custom prototype using the Microsoft Band wearable device to create a new performance experience. Our design enabled the New Zealand-based duo "Broods" to create visual art from motion and gesture, bringing a new method of self-expression into their live musical performances.

This project was a custom design for creative music agency Listen, as part of the Microsoft Music x Technology program.


How does it work?

As the artists move and gesture during performance, the Microsoft Band (which is worn like a bracelet) tracks their motion and heart-rate. We developed a custom software suite to transfer the tracking data and biodata from the Band into a laptop, where the information is used to generate visuals. In live concerts, these visuals are projected into the actual performance space.

The artists also used this technology to create custom visual designs for their music video, "Heartlines". You can see that video below.


This video shows some of the background teamwork in creating the music video using the Band:


And this is the final music video, showcasing some of the visuals created by the Band:




Artistic Concept: We Are Listen

Visuals + Network Design: Dan Moore

Software + Sensor Data Transmission: Caselden Studios

w/ Supporting Development: Matt Bergman

Technical Management: Joshua Goldberg