Sounding Boxes: Motion to Vibration


What are Sounding Boxes?

This is a new development in a series of electroacoustic instruments we produce, called "Sounding Boxes". For more information about the Sounding Box designs, check our original release over here. This new version was produced in collaboration with Intel.


How does this project work?

This new prototype allows people to control magnetic fields through motion, inducing vibration in metal and organic materials to collectively make music. As people move and create new gestures, the information is transmitted wirelessly to the instruments themselves, which react to make different sounds.

The project is still in development, but you can see a video below of some people experimenting at the MakerFaire Bay Area.



Design and Fabrication Support: Nabi Salomon and Patrick Delorey

Assembly Assistance: Hellyn Teng and Gabriel Andrade