This agreement between Client and Caselden Studios, LLC (“CS”), at 413 Valley Cottage, NY 10989, is hereby entered into on the date specified below.

WHEREAS, Client is an individual or organization interested in technical design and consultation.

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties mutually agree as follows:


Phase One

Start Date: Oct 9th

TASk list

  1. Implement touch-responsive GUI

    • UI Details: discussed in slideshow located here.

    • Code Details:

      • Delivers asynchronous messages via OSC protocol (sent to Max/MSP)

      • Operates in OSX, to run on Mac Mini

  2. Implement count-down timer as numbers, add time-varying circle display

  3. Retrieve user email addresses via input field

  4. QR Code Generation + Website Download

    • generate and display QR code

    • generate unique ID

    • send email to client with unique ID and user’s email address

  5. Ensure app launches with same performance on touch-screen on system reset

    • off-site tests run on an alternate touch-screen using OSX

Phase Two

Date: TBD by client

Task list

  1. Implement 2nd iteration of aesthetic changes as directed by client

    • UI Changes: TBD

    • Code Changes: Aesthetic changes only supported here; requests for significant design changes would need to be re-scoped

Final Estimate

Materials: N/A

Labor: $4800

Proj Management fee: 15%

Estimated Cost: $5520

End Delivery Date: Weds October 24th

Additional Terms

Client must sign off to start contract by Weds Oct. 10th at the latest.

50% of total cost of contract paid up-front before contract begins.