Camille Henrot Interactive Sculptures


Contemporary artist Camille Henrot reached out to us for help producing a series of interactive sculptures for her exhibition at the Metro Pictures gallery in Chelsea. We worked with her to actualize her vision from the ground-up.

We developed a full interactive experience encompassing electronics and sensor design, live audio and embedded screens, reactive pushbuttons, as well as structural implementation and fabrication of the artwork.


How do they work?

These sculptures respond to button presses and telephone pickup/hangup. As participants in the gallery approach to interact, storylines unfold through embedded speakers and screens.


Electronics Design

We designed circuitry and firmware tests for proximity sensors, pushbuttons, and an assortment of audio speakers.

The system itself operates off of a Linux-based Raspberry Pi embedded system.

3D Modelling

The sculptures themselves were modeled in software before fabrication

Fabrication and Finish

The final fabrication and assembly involved a wide array of 3D printed PLA and Nylon pieces, hand-processed fabrication, and finishing work. 






Artistic Concept and Aesthetic Design: Camille Henrot Studio

Firmware: Harlo Holmes

Electronics, Sensors, 3D Modeling, Fabrication: Caselden Studios